Recent Predictions 2013

As many of you know, I have a perfect record making public predictions for US Presidential Elections, ever since Bush Senior got into office back in 1989. That’s a pretty darn good record, if you ask me. Sylvia Brown can’t touch that (hey, no offense, it’s just the truth.)

As many of you know I predicted Obama’s re-election. Unfortunately, Mr. Obama is going to have nothing but an uphill battle during much of 2013, with Saturn in Scorpio squaring his 12 degree Leo Sun. If Barack’s birth time and place are truly what we think they are (LOL) we may see some strange new allegations of wrong-doing on his park that end up in some sort of legal mess. Frankly, I hope not, but it could be so. At least by the end of October, Mr. Obama, and the Good Ol’ US of A will likely be getting a little break, as Saturn will start to ease up a bit.

But all that being said, Saturn Squares often push people to really toughen up and become extremely determined. Let’s hope that Obama can use some of this frustrating Saturn energy to push through some of his own blocks and get some things moving.