Astrology & the Election

Astrology & the Election

I’m writing this after predicting Presidential Elections, publicly, and with 100% accuracy since 1988. Until now. This is the first time I’ve been wrong. And it was pretty obvious, kind of like 2 + 2 = 4…and honestly, It just seemed so improbable I couldn’t believe it. And apparently, neither could almost every other astrologer I know. They all predicted Hillary Clinton. I think as soon as I saw that Trump would have a really, really good shot many months ago, I just started looking for all the reasons why it couldn’t happen instead of all the reasons why it probably would. So, I went back over my notes to see what happened and this is what I found. (BTW, a Trump-supporting client reminded me that I had told her initially that Trump would win months ago, and then appeared to change my mind. I had wiped that out of my memory. )

When you are predicting an Election, the Super Bowl, a Horse Race, or any kind of contest, there is a simple formula to use. This is just the astrological “math” folks, and has nothing to do with the moral or spiritual overtones, right or wrong, or anything else like that. But this is what astrologers use when trying to determine an “outcome.” I always do my best to be on the money with this, as it gives people a “heads up.” And it predicts the “most likely” outcome…not the best outcome. But the future isn’t set up yet…or is it? Sometimes, the hand of fate moves in mysterious ways…and it certainly seems to have done so in our Election.

So here’s how it goes. This assumes both contestants are equally matched in general. So let’s assume they are, since they wouldn’t have made it to the Finals if they didn’t have something going for them. Often, there will be a “dark horse” or underdog in a competition, but not always.
So what’s the formula? Here it is.

• What Sign is the Moon in on Election Day? The Moon is directly related to the Public at large. Aquarius
• What Planet rules the Moon on the day of the Election? Who does this planet favor? Uranus, which favors Trump, with major aspects in birth chart and good transits.
• What Element is the Moon in? Fire, Earth Air, or Water? It that good or bad for either party? Aquarius is Air, Trump is an Air Sign (good) with lots of fire (good.) Aquarius squares Scorpio and opposes Leo, Hillary’s main Signs. (not good at all.)
• What Houses will the Moon affect in each candidates Chart? The Moon in Aquarius is Hillary’s 3rd House, which is neutral to good, but in an Intercepted Sign (not good.) For Trump the Moon is in the 6th House, which is neutral, but it’s Angular and near his Part of Fortune (which is great.)
• What kind of Transits or Influences will the Moon make to planets in each candidates chart? For 2 days leading up to the Election, and on the day of the Election, the Aquarius Moon will make squares and oppositions (not good at all) to Hillary’s Key Planets in Scorpio and Leo, (not good at all.) For 2 Days leading up to the Election and on that day of the Election the Aquarius Moon trines and sextiles Trumps Key Planets in Air and Fire. (really, really good)
• What Sign and Element is the Sun in? What plant rules that sign, and who does it favor? The Sun is in Watery Scorpio with other Scorpio planets, which favors Hillary, a Scorpio. It is still favorable for Trump, as it trines his Venus and Saturn in Cancer.
• What house is the Sun in, in each candidates chart? The Sun in Scorpio is stuck in Hillary’s 12th House, of Self Undoing and Secret Enemies, even though it is spiritually significant. (not good at all.) The Sun in Scorpio is in Trump’s 3rd House of Communication, a house associated with his Sun Sign, Gemini (definitely good.)
• What kind of Transits or Influences will the Sun make to planets in their charts. The Sun in Scorpio will be conjunct Clinton’s Venus (good), but square to her Mars, Pluto, and Saturn in Leo (not good at all.) The Sun in Scorpio will be relatively neutral to Trump’s planets.
• What sign is Jupiter (Beneficial Planet) in, and how will it affect each person’s chart. Jupiter is in Libra, an Air Sign. Trump has Jupiter in Libra in his birth chart. This is his Jupiter Return, the beginning of a new 12 year cycle. This is about as good as it gets. And, Libra is an Air Sign, which favors him, as he has Air and Fire prominent in his chart. Trumps Jupiter is in the 2nd House, the House of Money. Transiting Jupiter is trine to his Uranus, favoring LUCK. Jupiter in Libra is conjunct Hillary’s Neptune, creating great compassion and a desire to do something selfless, but it can inspire FALSE OPTIMISM. This is just astrology 101 folks.
• What sign is Venus in, since it’s also a good planet, and how will it affect each person? Venus is in the Fire Sign Sagittarius, conjunct Trump’s Moon (really good) and opposite his Sun in Gemini (exciting and emotional.) Venus in Sagittarius is square Hillary’s Pisces Moon (not good for dealings with the public and emotionally crappy.) Venus is trine her Saturn, which good for work, but not strong.
• Look at the Moon for 2 days before the event, and see how it will influence each person. The Moon in Uranus ruled Aquarius affects both candidates for 2 days before the Election. Aquarius and Uranus have to do with Change, Upsets, Upheavals, Coups, Long Shots, Revolutions, and the Unpredictable. People always think of Aquarius as the symbols of the Age of Aquarius and Humanitarian themes. But on the most basic level of symbolism, Uranus/Aquarius is the Agent of Change…and sometimes the catalyst for BIG CHANGE comes in truly unexpected ways. Trump is an Air Sign, Gemini, with Leo Rising (Fire) and was born on a Full Moon in Sagittarius (Fire.) Air favors Fire. And Venus, Saturn, and Uranus are in Fire Signs now, which is great for him. And Jupiter is in the Air Sign Libra, which is also great for him. And his victory is being called a stunning upset. Sounds like Uranus/Aquarius, right??? He wasn’t the “favorite” he was the “long shot” or the wild card. He is even referred to as “the Agent of Change” and the notion of going against the Establishment (Pluto in Capricorn) was a huge part of his campaign. Uranus in Aries (Trump) square Pluto in Capricorn (Clinton.) Mars is the God of War, and rules Aries, and Trump has Mars in Leo conjunct his Rising Sign. Brash, bold, aggressive, and very Yang. Leo Rising, showmanship, winning personality, controlling, ego driven. Leo Rising people are hard not to notice. Sagittarius Moon people like Trump can be dogmatic, opinionated, and argumentative. Pluto rules Scorpio and Clinton has 4 planets in Scorpio and probably Scorpio Rising. And as strong, steady, and reliable as Scorpio is, they are often perceived as secretive and controlling, and on a PR level, their “toughness” factor is sometimes hard for people to warm up to. Pisces Moon people like Clinton often work for Causes relating to Humanitarian efforts, Women, and Children. The Aquarius Moon, and preponderance of Fire and Air planets, was not on Clinton’s side, particularly in the crucial days leading up to the Election. But it was for Trump.

The Next Chapter belongs to Saturn in Sagittarius, which will conjoin Trump’s Moon and oppose his Sun by mid-December, and carry on into 2017. This symbolizes major opposition. It can indicate legal problems, personal problems, problems with women, problems with public perception, major opposition, ill health, and blockages. Pence is a Gemini (3 planets) and will go through the Saturn issues during the same periods. So we will see what this brings up.
In the meantime, whatever your beliefs or who you voted for, we all need to stick together, as humans, and sentient beings. This is the “end game” of the Uranus/Pluto square, and we are entering the “problem solving” period…where all the major issues that came up during the last 6 to 7 years will be obvious. Astrologer Robert Hand predicted 2017 would be a critical turning point for people and our planet. He sites Climate Change, Ecological disasters, and major political and economic upheaval as the main problems. He wrote the article I am referring to about 6 or 7 years ago. We have a lot to do.