Personal Philosophy

Personal Philosophy

My role is as a seer, an oracle, and a spiritual advisor. Using my astrological knowledge combined with my psychic gifts, I can give my clients specific insights about their lives; past, present, and future. Since the future is not set in stone, your decisions in the present moment can “alter” the direction of things to come. I always tell people, “If I thought there was nothing we could do about the future, I’d get another job! ” But we can use this “mystical insight” to make very practical, powerful, and important decisions in our lives right now!

People often come to me for a reading when they feel concerned, stuck, anxious, or excited. They want to know what’s going to happen next and if things are going to go the way they want them to go. They want to know about love, money, business, their kids, and their health. Sometimes, they want to know about a loved one who has passed, or a powerful paranormal experience or dream they have had. And sometimes, they just want a “check up.” No matter what the issue is, I have the same approach. I want to give you the best information I am capable of, so you can gain clarity to make strong choices, gain success, and avoid harm. That is my mission. If you are on a good path, that will be clear and I will be able to help you enhance it. If you are on a path that is not for the highest good I can make suggestions that will help you decide how you want to handle things.

My approach is practical and down to earth. I am known to be straight forward and specific. I’ve been doing this work for over 30 years and have clients from all faiths, philosphies, creeds, and walks of life. I beleive there are valuable seeds of wisdom in all the world’s major religions. I also respect everyone’s right to choose what they beleive.

The Prayer of Serenity says it well: the wisdom to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

There are always times that are more fortunate and times that are more challenging. During more fortunate times it’s good to enjoy it and expand your horizons. During the challenging times it’s good to work to troubleshoot problems, remove obstacles when possible, and sometimes…bide your time for a spell until things shift. A psychic/astrological reading is sort of like a weather report. If it’s going to rain you can prepare for it and maybe even welcome it. If the sun is shining, take advantage of it. I beleive we can make our own luck, but it’s good to know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. I can help you with that!

The inscription at the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi tells us: Know Thyself. This is what all astrological and intuitive guidance is about. Helping us to know ourselvesĀ better. It’s a lifelong task, but breakthroughs can happen in the blink of an eye.