In the News: Auroa Colorado Shootings

This is James Eagan Holmes, born in San Diego, CA, 12/13/87. He was most likely born at around 8:00 am, but this is speculation at this point. 

He has a Sun/Saturn/Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius. This Fire Sign is known for their competitive, enthusiastic, philosophical nature. The darker side of Sag can be dogmatic to the point of fanaticism. The Sun (ego) is repressed by Saturn, producing a powerful feeling of inadequacy paired with an equally powerful drive to “prove something.” So, we have a powerful, but totally squelched ego. Uranus is the rebel/iconoclast. This added to the mix creates a touch of anarchy. The desire for liberation and self expression with his Sun joined with Uranus is in direct conflict with the inhibited and repressed energy of Saturn. Hence, in a conflicted chart (and this one IS) you get a ticking time bomb. 

Mars and Pluto in this chart are tightly joined in the powerful sign of Scorpio. Classic astrological texts quote this combo as being extremely powerful, and potentially, under the wrong circumstances, violent, obsessive, and possibly criminal. 

I would bet that his Moon is at about 23 degrees Virgo, with what I believe to be an 8 am time of birth, which would make him Capricorn Rising. That means his rather uptight, detail-oriented, analytical Virgo emotional nature is completely at odds with all of his Sagittarius planets!!!! Ouch! There is a very emotionally repressed energy in all of this, and an enormous conflict between the outer and inner personalities. When this much energy is in conflict in a birth chart, you really can get a kind of Super Nova effect. 

Capricorn Rising, if I’m right, takes all of the Sagittarius energy and “controls” it, making him repressed, quiet, depressive, and driven. There is probably a huge resentment of authority, and painful issues about both parents. Once again, if I’m right about that birth hour, Neptune in Capricorn sits on his Rising Sign, giving him a victim/martyr/savior mentality. Super sensitive, imaginative, and other-worldly, when Neptune Rising people go wrong they create their own realities and believe in them 100%, sometimes with disastrous consequences. 

There are many other things I could go into about this chart, but to wrap things up, if I am correct about the hour of birth, that puts the immensely difficult Mars/Uranus/Pluto combo I talked about before this all happened, was making a direct hit on his Neptune, which is probably right on his rising sign. The perfect storm. With Saturn in Libra likely at his Mid-Heaven, this was definitely time for James’ swan song, as he likely felt a sense of failure combined with an overwhelming sense to prove something. 

This article is in no way intended to defend or rationalize criminal actions. I hope it is of interest to some of you. And my prayers go out to all the people whose lives have been turned upside down by this, and all the other terrible events of the last few days.

“Victoria’s Astro-Updates, Election 2008″ Astrological musings

As many of you know, I have been predicting Presidential Elections for over 20 years and I haven’t been wrong yet. That’s quite a record, even if I do say so myself. And most of my predictions were made either on live television or in print. Let’s see you top that, Sylvia Brown! I should add a notation here; I don’t predict based on who I’m going to vote for or who I think would do the best job. I always stick to the facts, astrologically speaking, and try to be completely analytical about the process. This is why I predicted George W. Bush both times, based solely on astrology, not on my own politics. And astrology is a very good tool to figure out the most likely outcome. It’s not infallible, however, and neither am I. I just have to have the guts to stick my neck out and be willing to be wrong in front of God and everybody. Thank goodness most of the time I’m right.

So, I guess after that big drum roll you’re wondering what my prediction is for this year? And you also might be wondering why I haven’t already made my prediction public, as I usually do it at the beginning of the year. Well, here’s the honest truth. This is probably the one time in the last 20 years I am really NOT SURE. The reason for my equivocation is simple. No one knows Hillary Rodham-Clinton’s time of birth. There are at least 3 or 4 different possible birth times floating around out there, but none of them are based on anything that can be verified. Maybe Miss Scorpio Hillary doesn’t want the world to know her chart. But in any case, we just don’t know. And astrologers all over the world have been trying to figure this out for a long time now, so I guess if we were going to find out some how, we probably would have by now.

Without Hillary’s time of birth, there is no way to set her chart up accurately. So that makes it impossible to study the astrological influences now, or at election time, in an accurate manner. Some astrologers say her birth time is 8 PM. Frankly, I doubt it. That would put her Sun in the 5th House, which is Romance, Creativity, and Children. And Hillary doesn’t seem like a creative, sexy, romantic type to me. Sorry. It just doesn’t fit. Others say she was born just after midnight. I say maybe to that. That would make her a Leo Rising (personality) with Saturn on the Ascendant. That would make her bold, bigger than life, controlling, ambitious, serious, and strong. That fits a little better. Just for fun, I decided to make her birth time 12 PM. This would make her a Capricorn Rising, with her strong Scorpio planets lining up near the top of her chart. This would indicate a person who is serious, hard-working, determined, controlling, successful, status-seeking, and extremely influential in her career and out in the world. That also seems right to me. So, would the real Hillary Clinton please stand up? I wish I knew her, I’d give her a call right now and tell her to get her birth certificate out. If any of you do, please ask her for me, would you?

So, that’s my problem. All that being said, based on the information available, Barack Obama looks like the winner. And I do have accurate information for Barack Obama and John McCain. At least that’s something that can help me fill in the blanks. And as far as Hillary is concerned, I’ll do the best I can. Next, I’m going to give you a brief synopsis of each person’s chart and tell you what I see.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 at 1:06 PM in Honolulu, Hawaii. Numerologically, he is a an 11 Destiny Path. 11 is considered a Master Number and carries a Christ-like, Avatar vibration. 2008 is a 22/4 year for Obama, which is also auspicious, as 22 us also a Master Number. He is a Leo Sun and his Sun is in the 9th House in his birth chart. This means that his bold Leo personality is oriented towards education, philosophy, intellectual pursuits, religion, the higher mind, foreign people and places, the law, society, and humanitarian concerns. Leo’s are strong, steady, extroverted, persistent, proud, tough, and often charming. And with his 9th House influence, he is a thinker and an idealist.

Barack’s Mercury, his thinking process and communication ability, is also in Leo in the 9th House, which means that he’s quite an intellect, a BIG PICTURE person, good at writing, speaking, and teaching, opinionated and open-minded at the same time, and just plain brainy. Many Leos want to be King and many 9th House types want to save the world. So, there you go.

His Mid-Heaven, which stands for Life Direction, Destiny Path, and Career, is also Leo, so he is certainly well-suited for positions of power and leadership, and with Uranus in Leo, the North Node in Leo, the Part of Fortune in Virgo, and Pluto in Virgo all sitting in his 10th House of Status and Career, it’s obvious that Barack Obama will have an extremely strong impact out in the world, no matter what he does.

Obama’s Moon Sign is Gemini, once again letting us know that his inner instinct is to use his mind. This gives him an innate ability to communicate, often with strong emotional content in his words. His Moon is in the 7th House, which indicates fortunate marriage and partnership, but can also indicate a person with a strong connection to the public at large. Hence, the Man of the People.

Obama’s Rising Sign is Scorpio. There’s the power and the charisma. He may be slim but he’s not wimpy. Scorpio Rising people are tough, tenacious, powerful, controlling, creative, passionate, and persistent. This also suggests that even though many things in his chart indicate good fortune, life hasn’t always been a bowl of cherries for Barack. He probably has had his share of troubles and heart ache, which, as a good Scorpio Rising person, he has transcended.

His Venus, which is emotion, is in Cancer, so he has strong and deep feelings with powerful ties to family. His Mars, which is male energy is in Virgo, which means he likes to work and he wants to master everything he tackles. His Saturn is in Capricorn, which suggests that he has a strong work ethic and a desire to rise to the top. Jupiter, his Life Philosophy and outlook, is in Aquarius, which means that he is a rebel, humanitarian, and forward in his thinking. He has a very strong chart.

The one thing that I consider a problem the fact that both his Sun and his Mercury square Neptune. Sometimes, he believes what he wants to believe, whether it’s realistic or not. The contact between the Sun/Mercury and Neptune does however indicate that he has a strong connection to human rights. His Moon squares both Uranus and Pluto, which indicates he can have extreme emotional reactions to certain situations and a temper. But these aspects also indicate someone who will vehemently fight for the rights of the underprivileged and has a strong connection and interest in society. Overall, Barack Obama really does have a “super star” kind of chart, as one might expect.

Obama’s Transits for 2008

Saturn: It’s clear that Obama is a fighter, as he made great strides over the past few years even with Saturn in Leo strongly affecting his chart. Saturn is still in his 10th House this year, which will place an enormous amount of stress on his public life, but apparently has brought him to where he is now through lots of hard work. Saturn’s transit of the 10th House indicates a time of harvest, reaping what you have sown over the last 24 years. It is often a time of leadership, huge responsibilities, and achievement. But it also indicates difficulties and pressure. Saturn is conjunct his natal Pluto through Summer of 2008, which indicates huge changes in ones life structure. This is certainly a fateful time for his professional life.

Uranus: Uranus in Pisces has just entered Obama’s 5th House over the past year or so. Among other things, this should really ramp up excitement factor in his life. Uranus transiting the 5th House signifies an opportunity to redefine yourself and to approach life in a whole new way. Starting in April 2008 and continuing throughout the year, Uranus (Change and Revolution) will oppose his natal Mars (Energy, Drive, Male Side.) This is a powerful and sometimes explosive influence. This can make a person rebellious, impulsive, assertive, and up for a fight. It makes people want to take risks and just “go for it.” It can also lead to rash behavior, accidents, or injuries. Sudden changes are likely.

Neptune: Neptune in Aquarius is conjunct Obama’s 4th House Cusp, or IC. This transit can sometimes indicate strange and subtle changes that begin to affect ones personal life and family. More significantly, this means that Neptune is in opposition to Obama’s Mid-Heaven, or his Career area. This is very tricky. It can indicate that strange events may begin to surface that take the wind out of your sails. Unforeseen influences can affect your ability to succeed.

Pluto: Transiting Pluto in Capricorn has been slowly moving through Obama’s 2nd House for some time. Pluto is opposing his natal Venus in Cancer in his 8th House this year. The 2nd House represents your personal income, possessions, and the things you truly value in life. With Pluto sitting around for some years in Obama’s 2nd House, his big area of transformation has to do with $$$ and his values. Sagittarius rules his 2nd House, so his values are quite lofty, as Sagittarius has to do with a broad-minded approach to life and a sort of warrior spirit regarding truth. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and while Sag types can be quite lucky and entrepreneurial when it comes to money, they are often not really materially oriented. It’s more about the grand adventure of life. At any rate, the opposition of Pluto and Obama’s Venus signifies big transformations in important relationships and enormous intensity of emotion. With the house positions involved, House 2 and House 8, issues concerning money and support from others will be involved in his process right now. For the most part, I see this as a life-changing year for him regarding his experience of what he can create alone and what he must create involving others. This definitely relates to the money Obama receives from supporters. And this Pluto opposition will either push his $$$ donations way over the top, or perhaps, bring up some controversy about money given to his campaign. As a side note, I think his most important relationships will undergo immense challenges and changes. If he wasn’t in such a public position, I’d almost wonder if there was an affair going on. Hey, you never know.

Jupiter Return: Right at the beginning of the year 2009 in January, Obama will have his Jupiter Return. This is the ending of a 12 year cycle and a time of new beginnings. It is usually considered a very fortunate time. This would be right about when he would be sworn in as President.

Synopsis on Obama: He’s got a dynamic chart and the influences in his chart this year are strong and mostly favorable. He’s got a good shot.

Will Obama be in danger? Many people have wondered if Barack Obama may be in danger of assassination. Many astrologers have been wondering about that, too. With Pluto, the Lord of Death, opposing a personal planet, Venus, in Obama’s 8th House, the House of Death, it is a thought to ponder. Along with wild, crazy, and unpredictable Uranus (Sudden Change, Revolution, the Unexpected), opposing his natal Mars, (Assertiveness, Male Energy, Aggression), it does make you wonder whether or not something really dramatic might be in store for him. Looking at his birth chart, I don’t see the classic symbols I would expect for someone who would be killed or die in office.

If you look at the chart of John F. Kennedy, well, it’s pretty much all there. He had 5 planets in his 8th House, including his Sun, and Mars right on the cusp. When he was assassinated, there was a lot of planetary action directly affecting his Moon and his 8th House. Mercury, which rules Kennedy’s 8th House, was actually in opposition to his Sun, and strangely enough, Mercury does have to do with transportation, and he was shot while in an automobile. I could write for a long time about all of the details of this fascinating story, but as far as Obama is concerned, I’d be really surprised if a public death was part of his destiny.

Once again, it does look like Obama looks like our next President, astrologically speaking. I will also say, once again, that Hillary Clinton’s chart doesn’t look quite as good, but she is so tenacious and such a powerful person, that she’s the type who could just buck the odds. It truly is a hard call. But it does not look like a victory for McCain to me. With Saturn opposing Uranus this year, it seems clear that surprising new events will challenge the old order of things. To me, this doesn’t sound like another white, male, Republican President. That wouldn’t be much of a change now, would it. So there’s my prediction. Probably Obama with Hillary as the BIG QUESTION MARK. Maybe she will be VP.

Hillary Rodham-Clinton

Hillary Clinton is a tough, intense Scorpio Sun. She was born on October 26, 1947 in Chicago. Birth time cannot be verified. Numerologically, she is a 3, which is a strong, creative vibration. 2008 is a 1 year for Hillary, which is a symbol of new beginnings. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign; strong, steady, stable, and reliable. They can also be rigid at times. She has 4 planets in the sign of Scorpio, her Sun which is the conscious sense of self, Chiron the wounded healer, Venus the emotional center, and Mercury the mind and communication. So she is VERY Scorpio. This means she is powerful, forceful, passionate, ambitious, tenacious, acquisitive, deep, secretive, possibly manipulative, loyal, controlling, ambitious and charismatic. Often what I see with strong Scorpio types is that people either love them or hate them. They really tend to polarize people.With the planet Chiron so close to Hillary’s Venus, she is working at healing some deep emotional issues in this life time, but she also might want to help other people heal. She is probably working on Compassion as a life lesson.

Clinton also has 3 planets in the fixed sign of Leo. Mars (Assertive Male Energy), Pluto, (Power and Transformation), and Saturn, (Duty, Order, Limitation), are all very close together in Leo. This is a powerhouse combination. With Mars closely linked to her Pluto, she is super intense. She takes not prisoners. This is a powerful and sometimes even ruthless combination. She wants what she wants and she has the persistence and determination to get it. She is willful and aggressive. This also indicates that she knows what to do in a crisis, which is a good thing to know if you are President. This is the kind of influence you might see in a surgeon who works in the ER who needs to operate under extreme pressure. Her demanding and assertive nature will not win over certain people, who will find her too harsh. Others will respect her for it. This combination is that of courage and fearlessness. Very strong stuff, indeed. With Saturn in Leo not far from Mars and Pluto, she has strong leadership ability, but may often feel that she has to constantly prove herself to others.

When a person has lots of planets in Scorpio and a fair amount in Leo, this means that some of these planets will be Square to one another, which is considered conflicted. Hillary does has 5 major Squares in her chart, and although this sometimes blocks, conflicts, or binds up some of her energy, it is often the mark of a very determined personality.

Hillary’s Moon Sign is Pisces. This is her soft spot. Only those who are really close to her probably know how vulnerable she can be. Pisces Moon people are sensitive, intuitive, compassionate, and want to save the world. They are innately idealistic. Sometimes Pisces Moon people play the Victim, the Martyr, or the Savior in life. Her Pisces Moon creates a good flow of energy with her other watery planets in Scorpio. Pisces Moon people have a dream. Scorpio/Leo types make dreams into reality. Interesting combination. With the emphasis of water in her chart, she is emotional and passionate, and possible a bit on the secretive side.

With Mercury in Scorpio squaring both Saturn and Pluto, Hillary does not mince words and can sometimes come across like a steam roller. And she’s a scraper. With Venus square Saturn and Pluto, she has some pretty tough emotional blocks, but probably turns her pain into determination.

Without Hillary’s time of birth, I cannot tell you what her Rising Sign is, but my gut tells me she is either Leo or Capricorn Rising. Overall, she is one tough cookie, and has enough strength in her chart to do whatever she sets her mind to. She certainly has enough power in her chart to be the first woman President.

Hillary Clinton’s Transits for 2008

With no birth time I will not speculate about what houses the planets might be in for Hillary. But I can say a couple of things with certainty. Neptune in Aquarius is opposing her Saturn and squaring her Mercury this year. Both of these transits are a problem. Neptune square Mercury screws up your thinking and communication. It can indicate that you are not seeing things clearly and people are not understanding you. It also tends to up the anxiety level quite a bit, often causing sleeplessness. Dishonestly is also an issue under this transit. Sometimes people tend to misrepresent themselves under this influence. When the truth comes out it seriously undermines people’s confidence in them.

The Neptune/Saturn transit is equally yucky in some ways. This is a real challenge to your sense of reality. What you want to believe and what is really happening may not be a match. This can make people fearful and disoriented. This can sometimes indicate the onset of a chronic illness.

Since we do not know Clinton’s time of birth, I do not know the exact degree of her Pisces Moon. But there is a good chance that Uranus in Pisces is conjunct to her Moon this year. If this is the case, this would represent a time of enormous psychological change and emotional upheaval. There can be emotional outbursts, impulsivity, and sudden strange events. It isn’t always bad, but definitely surprising. It can also make people extremely excited about changing their lives. It is a wild roller coaster of emotion and change. It makes it a little hard to maintain your sense of equilibrium, however.

With her Moon in Pisces, this also tells me that sometime either this year or next year, Saturn will oppose the Moon. This is often associated with disappointment, domestic or professional problems, depression, and breakups. It often coincides with feelings of alienation and lack of support. It can be a time of great internal crisis that will eventually lead the individual to seek help or counseling to put the pieces back together.

Synopsis on Clinton: Jury’s out with no birth time, but I can say that Hillary’s transits for 2008 are not terribly favorable, birth time or not. She is one super-determined person, so even with difficult transits, she’s the type who could buck the odds. The worst transit I see is the Neptune square Mercury. This will not serve her well in the PR department and could lead people to distrust her.

John McCain

John McCain is a Virgo Sun Sign. He was born on August 29, 1938 at 9 AM in Cocosolo, Panama. Numerologically he is an 11/2, like Barack Obama. 11 is a Master Number and often people who have a special destiny have many Master Numbers in their Numerology makeup. 2008 is an 11 year for McCain, which would tend to point to a very special year in his destiny.

McCain is a Mutable, earthy Virgo. A hard-working perfectionist, he wants to be productive and of service to others. Virgos don’t always come on like gang busters, like Leo or Scorpio, but rust never sleeps, and neither do Virgos. Strong Virgo types will work constantly and quietly to reach their goals. His Sun is in the 11th House, which makes him somewhat like an Aquarian. He is forward thinking, likes having a position of leadership within the group, is humanitarian, and socially oriented. His Sun is fairly close to the planet Neptune, which means he sometimes plays the Victim, Martyr, or Savior in this life, and tends to be an idealist. Earth signs often have a very practical, realistic side though and this is probably part of his appeal.

His Moon Sign is Capricorn, another earth sign. Capricorn Moon people often have to take on a lot of responsibility as young people, so later in life they do not shy away from responsibility. Sometimes it is hard for Capricorn Moon people to show emotion, which might make some people think they are detached. This is usually not the case. More frequently this Moon type has had to learn to control and subdue their feelings in order to endure hardship, which actually can make them mature and caring of others. This gives McCain a kind of “fatherly” vibration. His Moon is in the 4th House, so he has a strong connection to family and is security driven.

McCain’s Libra Rising saves him on the personality front and makes up for the sometimes boring Virgo/Capricorn emphasis. Sorry earth signs, sometimes you just don’t have the “flash factor.” But Libra Rising people know how to be charming. This was one of Bill Clinton’s big draws. But Bill was a Leo on top of the Libra Rising. McCain’s Libra is somewhat more subdued. It does give him the air of a person who is fair, truthful, and socially aware. This is definitely the part of his chart that draws in the support. He also has Mercury, his thinking and communicating, in Libra, which favors writing, speaking, and relating to people in general. Libra types want to ameliorate negative conditions, so he probably really does want to do things that will improve the problems that his Virgo nature perceives. And Virgos are known to be problem solvers.

John McCain has the sign of Cancer ruling his Mid-Heaven, which represents Life Direction, Destiny Path, and Career. Cancer is a watery Cardinal Sign. Cancer energy is heart felt and caring. And Cancer is a sign that is directly associated with patriotism and love of ones country. This is another big plus for someone seeking public office.

McCain has power Pluto in Cancer in his 10th House of Career and Status, as well as Mars in Leo in the 10th. He is ambitious and tenacious and is a person who will desires power and recognition. Barack Obama also has Pluto in the 10th House.

With his Mercury in Libra in the 12th House, people feel McCain has a message. He probably considers himself a spokesperson for the people and a champion of the underdog. Other people can be influenced by his passion for his beliefs. Some will find him confusing and not believable.

With Saturn in Pisces in McCain’s 6th House, he is a worker and wants to put his energy to use towards his ideals. He may periodically suffer from chronic health issues that can cut down his productivity.

With his Jupiter in Sagittarius, McCain has strong beliefs and is not afraid to stand on his soapbox and tell the world what he thinks. Jupiter is in his 2nd House, which indicates he does have some luck when it comes to money, and with Scorpio ruling his 2nd House, he probably has some pretty grounded ideas about money and security.

With Uranus in his 7th House of Relationships, McCain is energized by dealing with people who challenge him. His Sun is trine Uranus, which is quite a favorable connection, indicating a person with a unique intellect and the ability to roll with the punches and maintain a sense of creativity. McCain actually has what I would consider a pretty lucky chart. He does have a Venus/Saturn opposition, which can indicate great emotional duress, and these planets do relate to the 12th House, which among other things can represent imprisonment, and I know he was a POW. But in general, the man often has luck on his side. And he works hard, too. A good combination.

John McCain’s Transits for 2008

Saturn: Oh boy, Saturn in Virgo this year. This will indicate an uphill battle for McCain in some ways. Saturn can make people work very hard and help them focus on big tasks, but sometimes Saturn can bring about lots of limitations. And McCain will have Saturn conjunct his Sun until Summer of 2008. This will make him serious and determined, but he might not be winning any popularity contests. But with the strong influence of Saturn this year, he may be perceived as a mature, seasoned leader who can take charge.

With Saturn in his 11th House of Hopes, Dreams, and your Group Associations, he is willing to put a lot of serious effort into his life’s work at this time. But with Saturn heading steadily toward his 12th House, he may not be heading for the limelight.

Uranus: Uranus in Pisces will be opposing McCain’s Venus (Emotion) from May 2008 through the rest of the year. This can mean enormous emotional change and upheaval. At the same time, Uranus has already conjoined with McCain’s Saturn in Pisces. This is a volatile combination of energy and could possible result in a health scare of some kind. This is a time when sudden events can rock your world. There is an enormous build up of tension taking place, and eventually, something’s gotta give. This influence can be very disruptive.

Jupiter: Interestingly, Jupiter is in McCain’s 4th House of Home, Family, Personal Life, and Security. At the end of the year Jupiter will conjunct McCain’s Moon, which is often associated with a change of residence.

Synopsis of John McCain’s Transits for 2008: It appears that McCain’s hard work is paying off for him at this time, but Saturn may make him a bit battle weary by the Summer of this year. Saturn in his sign of Virgo could indicate a “tortoise and hare” scenario, however, and he might end up coming up from behind as a strong closer. Overall, I do not think Uranus is going to do him any favors when it comes to the nitty gritty. This powerful disruptive energy does not seem to indicate an advantage in the overall scheme of things this year.

In Conclusion: If you just weigh the odds, Barack Obama’s chart does look very strong. He will be favored on Election Day if he makes it, as the Sun in Scorpio will be heading straight into his 1st House on that day, which will totally put him in the spotlight. Mars in Scorpio will be flying through his 1st House as well, giving him an enormous push of energy and assertiveness. The Moon in Capricorn that day also seems to favor Obama, as it will be in harmony with his Mars in Virgo and heading for a conjunction to his Jupiter, which is usually pretty lucky.

Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio, so that means the Sun will be in her sign. This is usually favorable. The Sun is conjunct her Venus on Election Day, which is usually favorable, but not terrible strong as an influence. Mars in Scorpio will already have conjoined her Sun a couple of weeks before, so she might be pretty burned out by the big day.

McCain’s chart looks pretty good on Election Day, as he will have the Mercury and the Sun in his 1st House, putting him in the spotlight. The Capricorn Moon on that day will line up with his Capricorn Moon, which indicates lots of emotion and change.

If I had to call it right now, on the somewhat limited information that I have, I’d have to say the it looks like Barack Obama will be our next President. This time, I just can’t be worried about being wrong. But with all the information I just gave you, you can probably come up with your own astrological conclusions. In the meantime, it’s going to be a very interesting race.

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Many Blessings to all. Love Victoria