“The Election From Hell, or, Mercury Retrograde Strikes Again.”

It’s really too bad that more politicians, government agencies, NASA, and the San Diego Chargers don’t regularly consult with astrologers. We could sure save everybody a lot of time, energy, and money. But I’m sure there is a perfect random rhythm at work in the world, that fickle finger of fate just waiting to teach us our collective karmic lessons. But what the heck was the lesson to be learned from this last election, November 7, 2000? There’s no simple answer, but some light can be shed on this debacle by looking at the astrological influences around election time, and the natal charts of the presidential candidates.

Well first of all, Mercury went retrograde at 16 degrees Scorpio on October 18 and stayed retrograde for 20 days until resuming direct motion at 29 degrees Libra on November 7, Election Day. Now, for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde, which appears like a backwards motion through the zodiac, several times a year. Planets don’t really go backwards, it just looks that way from earth because of the relationship of planetary orbits. But it might as well be going backwards, because reversals, cancellations, computer crashes, lost car keys, mechanical breakdowns, and general confusion seems to reign during these periods.

Don’t get me wrong; there are good things that happen, too. Babies with unusual thinking will be born, people from your past will resurface, and you may find solutions to old problems. But it is the contrary side of Mercury retrograde that goads astrologers to advise clients to rethink travel plans, delay signing important contracts, reschedule job interviews, and change dates for surgery. Murphy’s Law is just much more rampant at these times. So why chance it?

But this time we really didn’t have a choice. As fate would have it, Election Day just happened to fall on the last day of Mercury retrograde. It is my personal feeling that the most volatile days of the Mercury retrograde cycle are the day it goes retrograde, and the day it goes direct. That would be Election Day. Add a spacey Pisces moon at the top of the chart for Washington, D.C. that day, and voila, the perfect formula for mega- confusion. Pisces is also the symbol of the victim, the martyr, and the savior. It is a Christ symbol and signifies a shift in consciousness, or awakening, like the Hanged-man card in the Tarot. What a wake-up call for anyone who has been complacent about his or her right and responsibility to vote. The experience of this election has certainly caused a huge shift in awareness. We all know more then we ever wanted to know about the electoral collage, that network news truly is all an illusion, and that truth is often relative.

Another intriguing factor comes into play when looking at the birth charts of the two candidates. I have never seen such striking parallels, contrasts, and coincidences. This obviously must account for the resulting “dead heat”. Both men are Cardinal Signs, Gore a Sun Sign Aries, and Bush a Sun Sign Cancer. Cardinal Signs can be decisive, have leadership ability, and need to learn more about follow through. Aries is a super-aggressive fire sign, Cancer a magnetic, super-emotional water sign. They don’t usually get along very well. Both men have Leo on the Ascendant, or Leo Rising. In fact, their Rising Signs are only a few degrees apart. This means both men want to be king, have strong egos, like the spot light, can be stubborn and dictatorial, can also be generous and entertaining, and tend to be sore losers.

Planetary transits, the manner in which current planetary positions affect a person’s planetary positions at birth, can give amazing insight into the potential outcome of events. The planet Neptune is currently opposing Al Gore’s Leo Ascendant. This means confusion in relationships, bad advice from lawyers and advisors, unclear communications, concealed information, legal confrontations, completely unexpected events, powerful enemies, deception, suspicion, and lots of other really ugly stuff. Al has been under the influence of this transit for over a year. But George Bush is just about to experience the exact same transit starting February 2001! Truly fascinating.

Gore’s 9th house Aries Sun certainly seems presidential, but his natal Sun-Neptune opposition indicates a tendency towards self-delusion and lack of clarity. It could also tend to make him a “sacrificial lamb” or scapegoat. Bush’s natal Sun falls in the 12th house, which carries nearly the same meaning. His 12th house Sun in Cancer squares his natal Neptune, which can account for his problems with addiction and many secretive and unusual elements affecting his life path. Both Gore and Bush are likely to have problems with secret enemies. One has to wonder about future assassination attempts.

But the ruling planet of Aquarius, revolutionary Uranus, is also a major factor for both candidates. Interestingly, Uranus has a special relationship to politics because of its association with social consciousness and rebellion. Uranus transits are major indicators of change in a person’s life, both personally, and publicly. In Al Gore’s chart, transiting Uranus is opposing his natal Saturn. All of his life structures are being challenged. He feels uneasy, like he can’t depend on anyone or anything. Problems suddenly surface and hidden tensions erupt. Enemies are formidable, and answers are hard to come by. This is not exactly a great transit to have when you are trying to get elected to the highest office in the land, but it makes sense. Transiting Uranus is also loosely opposing Gore’s natal Mars, which is making him feel rebellious, explosive, angry, and super-assertive. This definitely makes him want to fight. This guy is in a very warlike mood, and if he were to become our next president, if would probably surface in his foreign policies.

George W. Bush has a very different Uranian influence operating in his chart. His natal Moon and Jupiter are conjunct in the sign of Libra. Interestingly, both men have Moon-Jupiter conjunctions in their natal charts, generally a sign of a fortunate birth and dealings with the public. In Bush’s case, transiting Uranus is trining his natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction. This usually indicates movement, change, emotional growth, unexpected breaks, and plain good luck. No matter how difficult or confusing life might seem for George W., he’s got lucky stars right now, and that’s all there is to it. As I am writing this article, there is still no decision, but I feel George W. will most likely be our new leader, which was my prediction back in January 2000. If this is true, a president with the ruler of the 1rst house in the 12th house will have a most unusual term in office. I can’t wait to see what kind of mysteries, twists, and turns are in store. Hopefully, Bush will pull in his intuitive wisdom to help guide the country, and not resort to 12th house behind-the scenes tactics to get what he wants.

When all is said and done, our new president, whomever that might be, is going to have a hell of a time and will need our support, no matter what our party affiliations might be. It is my hope that we, the people, start to take a more active role in choosing our leaders and deciding what our country stands for. This process will test all of our beliefs, and help us gain more clarity about our hopes, dreams, and wishes for this great country and ourselves.

On a more personal note, Happy Holidays to everyone! Don’t let the stress get you down, and remember, the beginning of the New Year is a great time to get your own chart updated.