Victoria Bearden does live readings via Skype, telephone, and in person. Please note: Victoria does NOT send out free reports or email solicitations. People seek her out because they want a reading with a real, experienced professional. She is well known for her insightful, accurate, and helpful psychic and astrological advice. Gain clarity about relationships, family, business, finances, spiritual and physical well-being. Please be advised, readings must be scheduled in advance.  She also holds classes, workshops, and monthly events, and is available for “group readings” or lectures at private events upon request.


Your Birth Chart is the blueprint for our activity here on earth. The horoscope at birth holds the keys to all  major Life Lessons; mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. Once these lessons are revealed and understood, we can use the gift of our Free Will to chart the course to an awakened life. An accurate time of birth is required to erect this chart. *Rectification to determine birth time is available. The information in the birth chart is practical, inspiring, and liberating.

Astrology and Your Future

Victoria is a Predictive Astrologer and uses Transits, Progressions, and Returns to map out current and future influences that affect your life. It’s like a Cosmic Weather Report, giving you the “forecast” you need to make the best plans for success at any given time. Astrological forecasting is your secret weapon, giving you the “insiders edge” for all key decisions in life. These techniques are used in determining opportunity periods for travel, moving, marriage, and business. An accurate natal chart is required for these services, but much can be done even if the time of birth is not known.


Location, location, location! Ever wonder if there is a better place for you to live? Or if there is a place your could travel to or vaction at that would be very fortunate for you? Well, Astrology can help you with that. Victoria uses Astro-Cartography to determine just where your “place in the sun” is here on planet earth.


Ever wonder why certain relationships have come into your life? Do you notice uncanny coincidences that seem to recur in your love life? Do you have a Soul Mate, or maybe more than one? Do you wonder why some relationships are just so difficult, while others just seem to flow? Ever feel like your child is from another planet? Want answers? Welcome to the world of Synastry, or Astrological Relationship Readings. This is one of the most fascinating uses of the horoscope, and can open up endless possibilities for improved connections and communication with  lovers, spouses, family memebers, children, friends, and business associates. Chart comparisons and composites shed light on relating potential and the destiny path of important relationships, including marriage and business. Schedule A Reading Now


A master at reading the Tarot Cards, Victoria frequently uses this powerful oracle to access answers to your deepest and most immediate questions. Her Tarot readings are accurate, easy to understand, and useful. She usually incorporates the Tarot Card Reading along with her astrological services, creating a powerful way to cover all the bases regarding your important questions.

House Clearing and Blessing

Feel like your living space is in need of a spiritual lift? Are things in your office or business getting stuck or out of control? Feel like you need to contact Ghost Busters? Victoria offers Space Clearning and Blessing services. This is an on site service and the fee will be based on travel time,  size and difficultly level of the property. A word to the wise: after a “clearing” you best be ready for change for the better!

Spiritual Counseling and Psychic Readings

Psychic or intuitive readings is NOT just “fortune telling.” What’s the difference? A fortune teller will tell you your “Future,” as if there is nothing you can do about any of it. Occasionally, they will even tell you they  can change a bad situation for you, or lift a curse, for a fee, of course! This is always your clue to grab your wallet and run from the building! A gifted Spirit Medium or Psychic can illuminate the path before you, giving your foresight about the pitfalls and oppotunities that lie ahead. The Future is not set in stone. You are in the driver’s seat. Your psychic can show you the Road Map to the future. They can help you understand the signs and symbols from the Spirit World, help you connect to the power of your own intuition, and gain insight and information from the Otherside. Intuitive readings can help gain clarity about all subjects, assist in identifying sources of conflict, and help create pathways to strength and healing.


  • $100 per hour
  • $75 for 45 minutes
  • $50 per half-hour
  • $25 per 15 minutes (mini-reading or single question)

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Weekdays 10am – 7pm  Pacific Time at her Oceanside, CA office or by phone or Skype. Weekend hours available upon request. To check availability and schedule an appointment, call (760) 634-1028 or email Victoria at