What Is A Psychic Reading?

The word “psychic” can tend be misleading. Often it conjures up visions of amazing and mysterious predictions about a person’s destiny or future events. A psychic person is looked upon as having an extreme sensitivity to the supernatural world, or the world of spirit. In some ways, these things can be true, but in reality, intuitive or psychic ability is much more normal than it is paranormal. Being “psychic” or intutitvie is part of our birthright, as humans. We’re born with it. Alas, in the world we live in, we are not always encouraged to trust our intuition, and often learn to override it with logic, or in some cases, even fear it. But our “sixth sense” is truly a gift. And some individuals are more gifted  at the psychic arts than others, in the same way that some people have a talent or proclivity for math, science, or music.

Everyone can learn to enhance or tap in to their intuition, however. It takes practice, patience, and guidance. Meditation can assist in the process, as a quiet mind and a centered body is more in tune with all the senses, including the “higher” ones. In an intuitive reading, your psychic is using his or her abilities to tune in and amplify your own. Once a connection is made, many types of information will become available. The intuitive will be able to look ahead into the forseeeable and possible future. Mysteries from the past can be revealed. Messages from the spirit realm or departed loved ones can be accessed. In a nutshell, Truth can be accessed and revealed.

In a psychic reading or intuitive counseling session, the reader accesses the subtle world of spirit and the inner psyche to retrieve information that can be perceived by the conscious mind. It is a method that can bring clarity and answers to complicated issues in life that may be eluding the client, providing a key to inner wisdom. But remember, the psychic reading is only step one. The next step entirely up to the client, in the form of educated decision making from the Higher Self. Simply resonating with truth does not turn into anything without action and intention. In a good reading, the client will be able to get in tune with realtiy, get an overview of their circumstances, and connect more powerfully to life, in a motivated, positive, and “in the present moment” kind of way. A good reading enlightens, and encourages self-actualization.